Multiple backups of your footage, fast and easy.

“The killer argument for Hedge is its blazing speed, that’s for sure.” Olaf von Voss, Cinema5D

Hedge for Mac app
Connect your storage media
Select your sources
Select your destinations
Copy your footage
Add new sources while transferring


Import RAW and JPGs, ditch those DCIM folders and sort your footage with Scripts. Or backup your complete Lightroom Catalog.


Offload footage lightning fast. Multiple sources to multiple destinations is a cinch, taking the hassle out of multicam.


Duplicate liveshow multitrack recordings, backup your Pro Tools session or migrate your complete Soundminer library.

Finish first

Love waiting for backups? Of course you don’t. That's why Hedge is optimized for large files, making it faster than any other offload app.

Breathe easy

Missing footage means lost time, money and a lot of stress. Hedge ensures complete backups, so you can sleep well at night.

Kick the boredom

Copying files is as exciting as decaf coffee. Hedge automates the no-brainer tasks, immensely reducing time spent staring and swearing.


Superfast transfers


As quality soars and files get bigger, old copy-verify methods just aren’t cutting it. Hedge’s Fast Lane is quickest off the block for USB and Thunderbolt transfers.

Superfast Transfers


Unlike with Finder, every Hedge transfer undergoes strict verification through xxHash checksums. Say adiós to missing or corrupt files.

File verification

Simultaneous backups

Create copies for yourself, post-production, the director — at the same time. Hedge imports multiple sources to multiple destinations, fully utilizing all your bandwidth.

Multiple backups

Transfer Logs


Keep complete track of what goes where, when and how with Transfer Logs. Use MHLs to make sure post production always has the complete picture.

Transfer Logs

Flexible storage


Hedge is just as comfortable with NAS, SAN and RAID as it is with USB or Thunderbolt disks. Working online? Upload to your cloud service, server or remote disk, with verification.

Network raid & RAID support

Extendable workflows

Want to go further? Let Hedge autolaunch your AppleScripts and process footage to your heart’s content. Sort, transcode, rename, tag: whatever you’d like to do.

Extendable workflows

Fully localized

With Hedge in use in over 100 countries, about 50% of all Hedge users doesn't use an English macOS. Is your locale missing? Contact us!

Extendable workflows

Hedge Connect new!

Quit wasting time waiting for backups to finish: Hedge Connect notifies you instantly when a transfer is done. Use it on your own, with your assistent or connect the whole crew: there's no limit.

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Speed up your workflow, now.

Hedge Free


Enjoy Hedge’s safety features whenever you want, with up to two simultaneous transfers.

Perfect if you’re new to data handling.

Hedge Premium


Need to fly like a pro?

Get the full Hedge experience with Fast Lane copies, Transfer logs, MHL, simultaneous transfers, plus NAS and RAID support.

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