Multiple backups of your footage, fast and easy.

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Hedge for Mac app
Connect your storage media
Select your sources
Select your destinations
Copy your footage
Add new sources while transferring

Peace of mind

Missing footage means lost time, money and a lot of stress. Hedge ensures complete backups, so
you can sleep well at night.

Built for video

Offload footage lightning fast. Multiple sources to multiple destinations is a cinch, taking the hassle out of data handling.

Kick the boredom

Copying files is as exciting as decaf coffee. Hedge automates the no-brainer tasks, immensely reducing time spent staring and swearing.


Superfast transfers

As files get bigger and bigger, old copy-verify methods just aren’t cutting it. Hedge’s Fast Lane engine is purposely built for speed.

Superfast Transfers

Simultaneous backups

Create as much copies as you need, at the same time. Hedge transfers multiple sources to all destinations, fully utilizing your bandwidth.

Multiple backups

Keep track of everything

Keep complete track of what goes where, when and how with Transfer Logs. MHLs allow you to reverify backups at a later moment.

Transfer Logs

Flexible storage

Hedge is just as comfortable with NAS, SAN and RAID as it is with USB or Thunderbolt disks. Working online? Upload to your cloud service, server or remote disk, with verification.

Network raid & RAID support

Expand your workflow

Have Hedge autolaunch your AppleScripts and process footage to fit your specific workflow.
Sort, transcode, rename, tag: it's all possible.

Extendable workflows

Fully localized

With Hedge in use in over 100 countries, many Hedge users don't prefer English in daily use.
Is your language missing? Contact us!

Extendable workflows


Simple software, simple pricing.

30 Days


Get Hedge for just that that one job, or expand your seats for a while.

Bought 4 within a year? Exchange them for a full license. For free.

Personal License


A single seat without deactivation hassle. Activates up to 5 Macs.

Great support, frequent updates and no monthly fees.

Company License


Use Hedge on all your Macs, simultaneously. Starts at 3 seats.

Easy license management and remote deployment included.



Quit waiting for backups to finish: Connect notifies you instantly when a transfer is done. Use it by yourself, together with your assistent or connect the whole Camera Dept. Best of all, it's free.

Hedge Connect


Verify without copying. Make sure travel disks are healthy and complete before you start editing. Periodically check your stack of backups for corruption. Copy footage over a network while using another machine for the verification.

Whether you need to check a single folder or a complete disk, Checkpoint makes sure you don't run into surprises.

Hedge Checkpoint

MHL Tools

With these free Quicklook & Spotlight plugins, Media Hash Lists become much more powerful: preview MHLs in Finder and search through them like your Mac is a MAM.

MHL Plugins


Make better use of MHL files with QuickLook and Spotlight plugins.

We feel that Media Hash Lists are the perfect sidecar for offloads. However, to most video pros...

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Folders are not metadata:
why we need a sidecar...

A slow but gradual change is taking place in video production: organizing media on a file level...

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Introducing Hedge Connect,
the iOS companion to Hedge.

Know that feeling? You’re busy filming and offloading at the same time, somewhere off set.

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Backup Bottlenecks #1:
size does matter

Ever wondered why offload speeds vary from day to day, while your setup is the same? When working with footage you generally...

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Backup Bottlenecks #2:
frames versus clips

In part 1 we learned that moving a big file is more efficient than moving a bunch of small files. So what can you do to speed up...

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How to speed up your on-set backups, and save hours.

After a long shoot nobody likes waiting for backups to finish. It’s not so hard to prevent this from happening. Choosing the right...

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